Jackie Liu


Jackie Liu

Feelings Worth Living For 

James slid into my DMs in 2020 and asked whether I’d be interested in working on his new EP. With much excitement, I said yes to coffee.

After chatting about creativity, passions, and life, we worked out a (very open) creative direction for the EP, and this 3-year project was underway.

Feelings Worth Living For is a heartfelt record that leans into every moment of the emotional rollercoaster of being human.

After endlessly listening and re-listening to the record, I picked up on the theme of life being cyclical, both ridiculously beautiful and mundane, simultaneously full of hope and full of sadness.

I took a collage approach to the cover, snipping and pasting together scans from various books and magazines I’d picked up over the years—from books about ancient Greece to the world of ballet.

With all these motifs, we experimented until we felt the artwork resonate with the essence of the record, setting the tone for the rest of the single artworks.

Later down the line, I got a text from James asking if I could animate. I replied, “no, not really 😅”. James probably said something like “Oh well!”

But while later, I made Re-Play, a series of looping screenprinted animations for a uni project. After seeing it on my Instagram, James asked me if I could make something similar for his lyric video for his first single, Live in Pretend (feat. LIDO).

I’m so grateful James took a chance on me even when I wasn’t an animator. This project taught me how to animate frame-by-frame and use After Effects, thus giving life to 4 music videos I love for the EP. You can see all my music videos here.