Jackie Liu


Jackie Liu

Climate Bridge

YEAR: 2023


Climate Bridge had 2 goals with their rebrand. To appeal to a global audience, and to create a modern identity to function well in a digital environment.

Climate Bridge is a carbon finance firm. They develop carbon-offsetting or carbon-reduction projects, sell carbon credits, and advise clients such as IKEA, Samsung, and H&M on how to reduce their emissions while maintaining business growth.

Climate Bridge’s ultimate goal is to make it possible for businesses and individuals to make a real impact for the planet.

The new visual system is built with people as a priority. To communicate the ethos and heart of Climate Bridge’s services, we took an approach that ensures the brand is as accessible, energized, and trustworthy as possible.

The evolved Climate Bridge logo enhances and balances the original symbol’s clarity and definition, while increasing its versatility for use in print and digital applications.

The bridge takes hold of the metaphor that captures the heart of Climate Bridge—being a bridge to a better world for the prosperity of humanity. As well, the bridge symbolises Climate Bridge’s unique connection between East and West.